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What types of customers have you worked with?

We manage up to 500 pools during the peak of swimming season. We manage pools for single parents, working families, service men and women stationed overseas, retirees, snowbirds with vacation homes, tenants, realtors, investors, and property management companies.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

We hold the CPO (Certified Pool Operator) designation. This CPO certification program is the world’s leading verifiable pool and spa training credential recognized by the NSPF (Nations Swimming Pool Foundation). We are green pool specialists and also the only company in Maricopa County that specializes in chlorine free/salt free ionized swimming pools. We follow the protocol of the County Health Department for maintaining safe water chemistry levels.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

We schedule a visit to your home for a free assessment of your pool equipment and an in depth analysis of your water chemistry. We check the plumbing and equipment for air and water leaks and make sure the equipment is performing optimally. We get as complete a history of your past pool maintenance as we can. We log all the information in our database for future reference. We make recommendations based on our findings and go over them with you in detail. If repairs are needed, we provide a written estimate and answer any and all questions you may have.

You are more expensive than our last pool company. Why should I pay more?

Perhaps the quality of service you were getting for less money is the reason you’re not still using that company. We aren’t the cheapest, but we’re certainly not the most expensive. We feel our prices are extremely fair and are a great value when you factor in what you’re getting: 4 plans to choose from, no contracts, a coupon for 2 months of free service, flexible payment methods, professionalism, accountability, great communication from our knowledgeable office staff, and experienced, proactive pool techs who troubleshoot small problems before they turn into expensive repairs.



Bright and Clear Pools has serviced hundreds of pools in Peoria and Glendale, Arizona. Let us show you how to make your pool a clean, backyard retreat.
Marty P of Glendale, ArizonaMy wife and I have been loyal customers of Bright And Clear Pools for over four years. We would fully recommend them to anyone who wants great consistent service along outstanding customer service. Your pool will thank you as well.
- Marty P of Glendale, Arizona

Pool Service Descriptions and Pricing

CHEM PLUS SERVICE - $17.25/WEEK ($69 every 4 weeks)
  • Your water is tested. Chlorine is added and PH is balanced.
  • Pump lid O-ring is inspected and lubed as needed.
  • Pool equipment is monitored for optimal performance.
  • Pump, skimmer baskets and leaf canister bags for cleaning systems are emptied.
  • Filters are regularly backwashed when due.
  • Service slip is left indicating date & time of service.
BASIC SERVICE -$89/MONTH Playpool: $89, Diving Pool: starting at $99 *Our most popular service
  • Includes all of the above plus:
  • Thoroughly brush the steps, benches, tile line and walls.
  • Pool vacs and in floor pop ups are inspected to make sure they are operating optimally.
FULL SERVICE –$104/MONTH Spool: $89, Playpool $104, Diving pool: $120
  • Includes all of the above plus:
  • The pool surface and floor are completely netted.

More Service Information:

  • We keep chlorine level at Health Department recognized safe levels between 3 – 5 ppm.
  • If we haven't added chlorine tabs, it is because your chlorine level is already high and we don't want to exceed health department recommended levels.
  • We keep PH between 7.2 – 7.6. Out of balance PH can damage your pool’s surface and equipment and cause skin and eye irritation.
  • We are proactive. If we see an equipment or plumbing problem we will notify you. We address small issues so they don’t become big expensive problems.
  • Brushing a pool is similar to brushing one’s teeth. It must be done consistently to avoid a bio-slime base where bacteria, algae and minerals can buildup.
  • ‘As needed’ storm cleanups are also available for services where netting is not included.
  • Water is tested on all three plans for stabilizer, total dissolved solids (TDS) and phosphates as needed.
  • We take great precaution to ensure that all access gates into your yard and pool are closed, latched or locked as found, to prevent dogs from escaping and ensuring the safety of children.
  • Specialty chemicals such as shock, phosphate remover, algaecides, and stabilizer are not included and are only added when needed.


Dive into a cleaner pool!


Family Matters

A family owned business, specializing in residential services and repairs since 1985. We use a comprehensive selection process that includes thorough background checks on our team. We only offer the best service people and respecting your property is a top priority!

Affordable Service

Running a family owned Peoria pool cleaning service business means we determine the pricing! We believe in affordable service and outstanding workmanship. Contact us to learn about our affordable service, and ask how you can receive 2 months FREE service.

Additional Home Protection

Rest easy with pool service Peoria AZ can trust, knowing you have an added pair of eyes to ensure extra security to report any break-ins, suspicious activity, or irrigation leaks while you’re away.