Carefree System Testimonials

Received by Carefree Clearwater, Ltd.
Ownership of our pool is now a pleasure and not a nightmare as it was before. No more pink algae, water mold, nothing but sparkling clear water. In fact it is so clear, that I have had friends come over to swim and their first comment was how beautiful and sparkling the pool water was. They even commented that they had never seem anybody’s pool look so inviting. I would estimate that our money savings since switching over to your system has been about $450.00 to $550.00 not to mention the man-hours saved in keeping the pool up. Their comments about our pool really made us feel real good and we cannot thank the people at Carefree Clearwater enough.
—William K. Hoshall, NC

Pool ownership has changed from a vicious expensive nightmare to a luxurious experience. With my Carefree Clearwater ionizer, I’ve bypassed the pink algae that was present all summer in this area of the country. Our water today is so perfect and clear I often forget to check the PH and TA. When the water is extensively tested, no algae of any kind are present! Not once, Only sparkling clear, perfectly balanced water. I would conservatively estimate a savings in excess of $500.00 in pool chemicals this year alone.

As with any new system, there are lots of technical questions to be asked and answered. You and your staff have provided timely, knowledgeable, courteous assistance to make this transition effortless. In this age where customer satisfaction is a thing of the past, I’ve always felt help was a phone call away. Even when we took a hit by lighting, the quick blow fuse in the control panel saved the system ($.25 for a new fuse, and we were back in business).

The ionizer transformed our pool into an asset –not a liability. No more stockpiling expensive chemicals in the basement, no days in the sun with contaminated water. Just lots of fun and relaxation. My only regret is not knowing the benefits of the ionizer when my pool was constructed. Unfortunately, the ionizer will not extend the pool season, so on this day of pool closing, I say thank you Mr. Safier and Carefree Clearwater.
—Joe Grasshorn, FL

I purchased one of your systems in May 1999. All I can say is WOW! I wish I had known about your system when I installed my pool eight years ago. It is a 21 x 41 oval vinyl liner with a hopper bottom. It holds 30,000 gals of water. For the first six years we used baquacil. The last summer I used baquacil we spent over $600 just trying to keep the water clear. When I first installed the ion generator, I had a hard time getting rid of all of the baquacil. After that I just used 4 chlorine tablets a week and the pool water stayed crystal clear. When I opened the pool the first of May this year, I vacuumed it twice, shocked it twice and started up the generator. This was the easiest and quickest I have ever opened the pool and got the water clear. I probably spent $200 last year getting rid of the baquacil. This year I have spent $30.00 to date. Everybody that I talk to about pools say “You use what?” My wife did not believe it would work at first. She is now a believer. This is one of the best investments I have made. If you have anybody in the area that would like to stop by and see our pool and talk with us, I would be glad to show them our pool. Thanks so much for your wonderful product.
—Robert A. Bishop, MD

Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. We installed our ionizer last June and were amazed at how much clearer our pool looked overnight! We’ve been pool owner since 1996. The first three years we used Softswim products. We spent a lot of money on chemicals, yet our pool turned green several times over the summer. We dreaded opening it again! Then we saw your ad on the Internet. We hardly dared believe it was true, but didn’t want to have to keep running to the pool supply store for another summer. (My sons suggested filling the pool in with dirt.) We decided to give the ionizer a chance. Last summer was the best summer we’ve had as pool owners. Our pool never turned green and looked beautiful all summer. In fact, we kept it open late into fall. We maintained it using a jar of test strips we purchased at the pool supply store and a few chemicals (mostly Clorox) from Wal-Mart! Wow! No algae, no water mold, no scummy feeling from chemicals after swimming! We are recommending ionizers to anyone we know who has a pool. Thanks again!
—Mike and Karen Foreman,WV

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have been greatly satisfied by the performance of your ionizer (Model 1100). Its performance was very reliable and a lot of different chemicals I was dumping into my pool became unnecessary and my yearly struggle to control algae in my pool practicallly disappeared. I also want to thank you for your clear explanation and answers to my questions and inquiries bought to you several times.
— Ernest D. Park, AL

It is a pleasure for me to tell you how much we enjoy our pool since having your ionization system installed in the summer of 1988. What a joy it is to swim in a pool without chlorine and all the other chemicals – algicide, cyanuric acid, etc. I have also received comments from friends about the lack of the chlorine smell. Other than increased swimmer satisfaction, it has saved me money and decreased my maintenance time. Compared to the high cost of chlorine, all I spend now is a few dollars in electricity cost. As for a pool owner this is the finest investment I could make for my pool. I only wish we had known about your system earlier.
—Mike & Nancy Brannon, GA

I have been well pleased with the performance of the Carefree Clearwater ionization unit since installing it on my pool over two years ago. The unit has completely automated the necessary steps involved in keeping the pool safe and sanitized and the pH balance rarely changes since the unit was installed. As you know, I was having problems keeping the pool in balance before the unit was installed and it took a lot of time and effort to keep the pool balanced and sanitized on a daily basis. Now, thanks to the Carefree Clearwater unit, I rarely have to do anything to it. I am extremely pleased with the results I have had with the Carefree Clearwater ionization unit and with the amount of money saved by not buying chemicals. Because of these savings, the unit will soon have paid for itself.
—Jerry Sanders, GA

I have had my pool for 8 years and really never had enjoyed it until this year. In May of 1988 we had an ionization unit installed in our swimming pool. The results have been outstanding. I had previously been to two swimming pool companys with pool water problems. After countless trips with water samples to the companies, they had several solutions. I tried everything they recommended and the results were:

1) A pool full of algae.
2) Water so cloudy or murky you couldn’t see anything.
3) The water had so many chemicals you couldn’t use it.

I had just about decided to give my pool to the nearest farm to use as a watering trough. But Mr. Matheny asked me to try one more time by using the ionization system. I have not regretted the decision. My water is clear, free of algae and chemicals, and now I am enjoying my pool for what it was intended. All the daily testing and mixing of chemicals have been eliminated. I recommend the ionization unit without reservation for anyone who wants to enjoy their pool for what it was intended.
—Carolyn Seafler, WV

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with your Ion-Generator equipment line. The unit I placed on my pool has performed just as you stated it would, in fact, last summer was the first summer I remember not ever having to treat my pool for algae. We have sold several of these units and to date every customer has been 100% satisfied with the product. Your excellent training courses and attention to our needs makes the product easy to sell. We look forward to doing more business with Carefree Clearwater in the future.
—Jeff Miller, GA

The YMCA has been helped tremendously by the installation of the Carefree Clearwater purification systems in our two indoor swimming pools and whirlpool. Water quality is greatly improved and the old “chlorine” smell is gone. Over a thousand people a day use our pools, and they are happy swimmers now. In addition, in the first six months of this year we have saved over $4,000 in the cost of pool chemicals. Next to the water in our pools, Carefree Clearwater is the greatest thing we have. Thanks for being there when we needed you.
—J. Robert Sheppard, NJ

Our two pools are among the busiest indoor pools in the country, with over 1,000 men, women and children using them each day. Maintaining appropriate pool chemistry had become very difficult until we began using the Carefree Clearwater System. The improvement in the water quality is dramatic, as is the comfort level of our swimmers. Many have commented on how delightful it is to swim without overpowering chlorine. Your innovative product may just revolutionize the pool business.
—Ann L. Swenson, NJ

As you know the traditional chemical system that was used in the YMCA-YMCA pools had caused our swimmers considerable breathing problems. We have national caliber swimmers and it is important for them to train very hard which means swimming up to seven thousand yards per session. Many times we had to stop our training sessions after three thousand yards due to upper respiratory problems which showed up in the form of persistent coughing. This is not an uncommon problem but one that is plaguing swimming programs across the country.

Since Roy Verstraete installed the “Carefree Clearwater” system we have yet to experience any type of related breathing problems. We have several swimmers who have EIA syndrome, or Exercise Induced Asthma, and they have experienced a significant improvement in their breathing and swim training. Other advantages of the “Carefree Clearwater” system are the elimination of hair discoloration and hair damage, and eye irritation caused by the traditional chlorine system. Also, the swimmers have expressed that their suits, goggles, and latex swim caps are showing a longer life.

As a swimming coach, I feel secure in the fact that our swimmers can swim in an ionized pool and not experience many of the various problems that are associated with a chlorine treated pool. I highly recommend this system for any pool whether it be used for competitive or recreational purposes.
—Criag Panzano, NJ