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Chlorine Health and Hazards

Health Hazards of Your Backyard Pool & Spa
From the Wolff Clinic

Summer fun is just around the corner and many of us are anxious to get our swimming

pools up and running. Other folks have had their hot tubs and spas going all winter long. For both groups it’s just a matter of tweaking the chemicals to ensure that all is ‘safe’ and well.

Is what we are doing safe? If you thought yes then guess again! The levels of chemicals in both drinking water and our swimming pools is raising alarm amongst health professionals and environmentalists. Toxins are everywhere and have permeated the entire food chain. So it is likely that all life on this planet is to some degree contaminated by such toxic byproducts as dioxin. They accumulate in our fatty tissue and arrive there as a consequence of both drinking and bathing in water as well as eating fish and animal protein.

In fact, hormonal imbalance, suppressed immune systems, reproductive infertility and disruption of fetal development in both animals and humans has been associated with our municipal water systems as well as the use of recreational and residential pools and spas.

The argument is not whether we should treat our water but rather how to treat our water safely. Never before has it become so critical to protect our home environment from the ravages of unethical political decision making. Change within the realms of political bureaucracy is painfully slow and complex but we can adjust and control the environment within our own homes.

Let’s talk about swimming pools. It has been shown that children inhale more air per unit of body weight than adults. Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn that they ingest more toxins per bodyweight than their older counterparts.Children exude tremendous energy in swimming pools, gulp plenty of water and breathe in gallons of air compared to the adults sitting on the edge observing the fun. It goes without saying that summer fun has now become of great concern.  Suddenly, soaking in your hot tub to relax before bed isn’t quite as enticing. It is most likely that up until now you simply have not found the solution to the dilemma. Keep reading!