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Chlorine Health and Hazards

The Truth About Chlorine
From the Wolff Clinic

Chlorine is used for making plastics, pesticides and paper. Although most industries are making huge strides to reduce and ultimately eliminate its use, the end is not yet in sight. The wastewaters from these processes are dumped into the water systems often combining with other formidable substances to form yet more hazardous compounds. It is also used to treat water, although its known byproducts include PCB’s, DDT and dioxins. These chemicals have been associated with conditions such as cancer, immune disorders as well as fertility problems among other evils and are indeed mutagenic and/or carcinogenic.

A recent study found that rates for particular cancers such as rectal cancer escalate with the ingestion of chlorinated water. It has also been found that surface water from lakes and reservoirs test higher for chlorine byproducts than deeper water sources. Joe Thornton, of Columbia University’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, is the author of a book called Pandora’s Poison, which gives detailed insight into the hazards of chlorine use in today’s society. The environmental impact alone is monumental and its use is irresponsible in light of the numbers of options available.