Common Problems Opening Pool

You finally mustered up enough time to start working on opening your swimming pool. Swim season is approaching and you’re almost done with the Bright and Clear Pool Care opening swimming pool checklist. Great! Let it be known, as you’re approaching the end of the checklist, there are some common problems opening pool you might face, especially when you are doing your final test run. From cloudy water to water leaks to air bubbles to algae to stains, opening your pool can present many baffling problems.
Don’t be alarmed. These issues are common for a reason. Contacting your local pool professionals is always the best way to detect and resolve any problem. Top rated Bright and Clear Pool Care technicians can service and repair your swimming pool at an affordable price. Let them take all the hassles away from you.

None the less, here is a list of common problems that you might meet when opening your swimming pool.

Top 5 Most Common Pool Problems

Cloudy Water

Is your pool water cloudy. If you can’t see the bottom of the entire pool or even a quarter in the deepest part of your swimming pool, this is a clear sign that your pool water is not safe to swim. Most times, this is cause by either improper chemistry, lack of sanitizing, lack of cleaning, lack of circulation, or poor filtration. If all components were working properly, you would have blue clear water. You should start a pool diagnoses immediately.

Water Leaks

How can you decide if you pool is leaking water? Easy! Decrease in your swimming pool water level is a bad sign. You also can tell if there is a leak at the equipment pad areas such as the filter, the pump, the heater and the pipe valve. The o-rings on these equipment can be affected if you live in a much colder area. Another place you can check is the ground near the swimming pool for any moisture. You will mainly feel wet soil or see eroding areas. Additionally, one of the more common signs is the jet-return collars. If you see any jet-return collar with a crack, replace with a new one immediately. Lastly, if you have a vinyl liner pool, you should check for any tear or separation around the fittings, skimmers, cleaner line, steps, corners and returns.

Air Bubbles

Can you see any bubbles? Usually, air bubbles occur on the suction side of the pool. Air bubbles are also considered a sign of an air leak. This means that that your pump is drawing in air, thus discharging bubbles into the pool. In some cases the pump lid is to blame. Make sure the o-ring is clean and lube with teflon lube. Also make sure the pump lid is tightly close. Another sign is the skimmer water level. If the water level is not at the middle of the skimmer, it might be pulling in air. Lastly, check the unions in your plumbing, if you have an in-ground pool. The union will also have an o-ring. Check for any damages.

Pool Algae

problems opening pool

If there are high temperatures and inconsistency in a swimming pool sanitizer levels, algae can easily show up. Since there are different types of pool algae such as green algae, black algae and yellow algae, eliminating each one can become time-consuming and costly. The best way to get rid of pool algae is through prevention. The best method for prevention is to use salt chlorine generators.

Pool Stains

Out of the list of common problems you might face when opening your swimming pool, pool stains are the easiest to detect. It can also be the easiest to clear. But sometime pool stains can take more than just a simple scrub. Yikes! No one wants to hear that. Metals and organic materials are the cause of pool stains that are found in the swimming pool water. The color of a pool stains can decide the type of stain you have.

Ultimately, opening your swimming pool is the time you will discover most pool problems. On the positive note, it is less costly to fix at that time. Compared to having the pool running without any weekly maintenance. It is fair to say that you can take care of these problems yourself, but having the peace of mind is key.

Family owned and operated, Bright and Clear Pool Care can offer that peace of mind. Combined with the swimming pool opening services and weekly maintenance, you will wonder why you haven’t called Bright and Clear Pool Care.


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published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018