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Landscaping Tips for Pool Maintenance Glendale

Landscaping Tips for Pool Maintenance Glendale Homeowners Can Update This Weekend

Just as you dress up the interior of your home with eclectic decor, your pool area deserves the same thoughtful attention. Turn your backyard into a backyard oasis that will entice your family to spend more time around the pool, or to impress friends and family. Updating the pool area can be as easy as planting new flowers or creating a new walkway. These simple DIY projects are simple enough to be completed within the weekend, but provide a long lasting impression.

Swimming pool landscaping

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Pottery and Planters

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Adding potted plants along the pool is a great way to introduce greenery around the pool, not just within the flower bed. It’s important to keep potted plants along the pool so mulch and soil doesn’t dirty the water leading to pool service Glendale homeowners didn’t anticipate after a weekend of DIY landscaping.


  1. The focal point is the pool, but the pottery can be just as eye-catching without being overpowering. We like this Arizona inspired ore pottery with vibrant succulents. The succulents are low maintenance and perfectly kept during high outdoor temperatures. The height in the pottery is great to bring the eye vertical and softens the expanse of decking.
  2. Pottery is not only useful for planting beautiful flowers, it also makes a great water fountain. A fountain can be easily created from other objects as well, such as stones, steel tubs, pianos and much more creative objects.


Updating Pool Decking

Pool Equipment Pad

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Don’t be intimidated by the thought of installing new decking. Composite decking is a low-maintenance decking with several great benefits like stain and fade resistance, and easy stain removal. The beautifully embossed wood grain decking comes in easy to assemble planking that fasten together like puzzle pieces. ‘The fastener system correctly spaces your decking during installation to speed up the process,’ says


Use the additional decking pieces left over to create a hinged box that can be used to cover the pool equipment pad, pool supplies, or other pool accessories.


A great addition to your new pool decking is creating a shaded area to enjoy a break from the sun. Shade sails add a touch of shade to the area you need it most. They come in many attractive colors to match your desired look and are often a more affordable alternative to umbrellas.

Pool Lighting

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Brighten the night with pool light that’s attractive during the day and functional at night. Lighting can be incorporated in just about every aspect of the landscaping. For backyards with flower beds, use rope lighting along the inside edge of the flower bed. It brings a soft, illuminated light to the flowers. Additionally, pendant lighting can be added into your potted plants or trees to highlight.


While these suggestions bring a glow to your potted and planted areas, lanterns make a great addition to the pool decking surrounding the pool. We love the bronzed cutout lanterns in this pin that create the perfect modern look with the soft glow of a candle and accent seashells.


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