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We want to thank you and your service people for getting our pool back in shape,  Adam was great and very careful to make sure we understood what was going on, especially since we had to spend so much money to get it back working properly.  Your office personnel we very professional, prompt, and courteous. It is a pleasure to have your company maintain our pool since we are basically snow birds.

Dennis and Lynn

I have had the pleasure of using Azure Bright and Clear and have to say that for the duration of service, they have been extremely communicative, and were prompt and efficient in responding to my queries either by e-mail or phone. It is a relief to be able to call during business hours and receive prompt, courteous service every time – if you’ve been dealing with contractors/service companies for a while you know that isn’t always the case. As for the service rendered itself, Devin has performed all the contracted tasks to a very high level of quality. My pool has remained clear and blue, the equipment has been well maintained, and he has never missed a week of service. If you are able to take advantage of their special sign-up offer of two free months, their price is quite a bargain too. I would recommend trying them out.


My story encompasses a profoundIy emotional aspect – after living in AZ for approx. 4 yrs, I solely purchased a beautiful Spanish colonial for my family & I to live for many years to come, or so I thought. My conservative, southern upbringing resulting in very traditional taste, clearly evidenced by the decorum of my home would not permit me to buy a home without a pool;for me, a pool is the elegant touch of any fine home.To my demise, my husband informed me in the spring of 2010 that, due to a job promotion, our family had no choice but to relocate to FL. My pool was among my utmost concerns;my 0 knowledge re its care became so very apparent & of concern.Then, I met “Jon,” a most respectful young man who was in my neighborhood in a truck, portraying the logo, “Bright & Clear Pool Service.” I approached Jon who was most supportive as he listened to my concerns, educated me,& has since provided me, 3000 miles away, with a peace of mind. I only wish he had a clone for my 2nd home in FL!


I have used Bright and Clear for 2 years on my rental property. I live in Kansas now and do not have the ability to monitor my property and have had zero problems with McKenzie and his team working on my pool. They have been very dependable in servicing my pool.


I have used other pool services and haver never been satisfied. Bright and Clear is great. They also do repair services in an efficient and timely matter. I highly recommend Bright and Clear!


We have used their services for a few years now and have been more than pleased with the customer service, fair pricing and their willingness to go above and beyond when the equipment fails. From, Jon, who does the weekly servicing to the owners and staff…friendly, knowledgeable, and 5 star customer service. You will be missing out if you use anyone else for your pool and spa needs!
Thank again for everything. Take care

The Carr’s

Bright and Clear Pools has been doing weekly pool service on our pool for the past 4 years and has never missed a beat. The pool looks fantastic every week! We have tried other pool cleaning companies in the past and found they were either late or never even bothered to show up some weeks. Bright and Clear always leaves a signed note so you know they were there. Their communication is very good if something in the schedule changes or if any unscheduled maintenance is needed. Highly recommended.

Val Berechet

We have been Bright and Clear Pool Care customers since the summer of 2006. They are not only pleasant people, but are always responsive to any pool emergency that has arisen with our diving pool which was originally built in 1985. The young man who services our pool is very consciencious about his work. On more than one occasion he has returned a second time in the week to follow-up on some problem or other that we have encountered. We are very satisfied with this company and are happy to recommend them.

Beverly & John

This pool company is great. They do what they say they will do. They are prompt and responsive with any issues. They have maintained my pool for 3 years and it always looks clean and clear. They are very low maintenance and handle everything at a good price.


I own a rental property in Peoria and kept having problems with pool companies not cleaning the pool properly or putting enough chemicals in. I even had one company who claimed they sent someone to clean the pool when in fact they hadn’t. I guess they figured no one was paying attention. Enter Bright And Clear and the terrific team that takes care of your pool and keeps it sparkling along with clear consistent communications around billing and pool care. I’ve been using them for a year now and they have earned my trust. If you need a company you can depend on at a reasonable price, I highly recommend them over small “one man” independent contractors. Another thing I like about them is they bill me in email using PayPal and I use my debit card to pay the monthly bill instead of mailing a paper check. They really do deserve all the business they can handle, they are the best!


MacKenzie and his staff have serviced my pool for about a year. They do an extremely awesome job above and beyond what is asked. Gary has been awesome to point out anything needing attention. I love the fact that they email a monthly statement and offer online payment options.


They’ve taken care of my pool for the past few years. They’ve done an awesome job, I’ve never had any complaints. I’m moving and had to cancel their service. Their last maintenance, they came out and noticed a leak. They shut off the leaky valve and called me and told me all about the leak, where it was, how much it would cost to fix and that a plumber would be required. They went OUT of their way to get the exact information to me so that I could get it fixed. It was beyond appreciated.


I live out of state and have had Azure Bright and Clear caring for my pool with tenants in the house. They are professional and reliable. I went through several pool companies and they have been the most reliable and honest.


I highly reccomend this company for all types of pool care. We have had this company taking care of my pool for over three years now and they have done a fabulous job. They have cleaned the pool every week, done the filter maintenance and have even made repairs. Our pool looks great and operates with no problems thanks to their care. You can not go wrong with this company, they are friendly and courteous and genuinely care about their customers.

Very Happy Customer

I would highly recommend Bright and Clear Pool Care. They were able to provide service on the same day I called, and arrived at the time I was told to expect them. Everyone I spoke to was professional. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received.


I really appreciate the great job you have done taking care of the pool at my property. It’s been a rental property since I bought the home three years ago, and I appreciate the fact that as a landlord, I have never had to worry about the pool – thanks to your diligent and reliable service! All the best,

Jenny Matheson
The Matheson Team
RE/MAX Excalibur Realty Scottsdale, AZ
602-694-2800 – cell

Thank you guys for all the hard work and getting my pool in order.  I will recommend your service to all my pool friends.
Thank again for everything. Take care

Paul B.
Glendale, AZ

I have been using Bright & Clear’s weekly pool service for over a year and I couldn’t be happier. They are very friendly and My Pool is always perfect!  I would highly recommend them.

Chuck M.
Peoria, AZ

Everyone at Bright and Clear Pool Care is helpful and polite. Any questions are quickly answered in a thorough, knowledgeable manner. Their pricing is very competitive. They’ve done a great job of keeping my pool healthy and sparkling.

Lia K.
Scottsdale, AZ

I would never use any other pool company! Bright and Clear Pool Care has taken our old, green non-functional pool and has turned it into my favorite part of the house. There is nothing that this company cannot do WELL! The team has revamped old equipment, saved our filter from leaves after our neighbor’s two large trees emptied into our pool, and destroyed the bacteria causing our water to turn green. All of this was done promptly, making us feel like we were their one and only customer. Denise and the office crew has handled our account and any questions I have had personally and attentively. She is responsive to any problem our pool throws her way. Our friends and family now want to entertain in our backyard, because, as they say, “we have a great pool!” People warned us that pools were hard to maintain; however, we laughed and say that it’s no sweat- if you have Bright and Clear Pool Care doing the work! This a great company!!!! One last word: my dad is a certified pool operator for some of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas. I used to call him for his opinion and found that he always offered the same suggestions as Denise and MacKenzie. I quickly stopped asking for his opinion. I trust Bright and Clear Pools, and even my dad, who is a tough customer, agrees that our pool operates and looks amazing!

Jackie H.
Phoenix, AZ

I have an older pool and had it remodeled in early summer. B&C takes care of everything for me and advise me when things need repair. They are competitive with their pricing, and fair with charges. I never worry about my pool. Always helpful and friendly.

MacKenzie owner of Bright and Clear Pool Service has done a fine job maintaining and servicing our pool at the Boulders for the past two or three years now. We are most confident that all will be kept clean and repaired if necessary while we are away in the summer usually up to 4 months.. Being able to reach the company and hearing back from Denise is always done immediately. Very important to us, when there is something we do not understand about the automatic sweeper and pool cleaner etc. They are extremely reliable… When we are in Az. I see Mackenzie each week at the same time, cleaning, shocking, if necessary, and repairing or servicing anything that needs to have attention. The pool sparkles and we are very happy with all that Denise and MacKenzie do for us. We recommend the Bright and Clear Pool service whole heartedly.

Frances and Peter R.
Scottsdale, AZ

Please have the person contact me on my cell or at home and I will give a glowing recommendation for the great service you have been doing, even when we’ve not been there.

John M.
Scottsdale, AZ

I am writing this letter to tell you how MUCH we appreciate the amazing care you have given our pool over the past year and in particular the past week! While we lived in Cave Creek, AZ you were able to service and clean on pool on a regular basis. You always made our pool look perfect and were extremely friendly to our two dogs during your visits! Last month, my husband and I moved to Minneapolis, MN and our home was vacant until the potential buyers were planning to move in one month later. Unfortunately, I made a foolish mistake by ending pool service with you too soon. I received a call from my realtor one week ago stating that the pool looked bad due to our neglect. I called you immediately and the service you provided was excellent! First, you made it a priority to get to our pool as soon as possible. Denise was so helpful on the phone and both of you went out of your way to help our situation. MacKenzie, thank you for noticing that a couple of parts on the pool needed to be replaced and stopping by on a SATURDAY NIGHT at 8PM to fix it! As a result of your care, the future home buyers and both realtors stated that the pool, ‘looked amazing’. My husband and I truly believe that if it weren’t for your service our house would NOT have closed on time. Finally, thank you again for everything. I will be recommending your company to every person I speak to in AZ! Feel free to give out our phone number is any prospective clients want to give us a call. Sincerely,

Sarah and Cameron S.
Former Cave Creek residents