What Is Ionization?

Automation is a fast growing trend in our society. It has given us more time to enjoy our lifestyles while streamlining some of the workload. Now more than ever before pool and spa owners are looking for alternatives. Technology does exist that makes pools more enjoyable and easier to upkeep.

Less than two decades ago, automatic pool vacuums first came out. Today you probably won’t find a pool without an automatic vacuum. Why work at vacuuming your pool when you can let a robot do it! The same goes for sanitizing a pool. Why work daily at dosing and handling chemicals when it can be done automatically with the Carefree Clearwater system using safe mineral ions.

what is ionizationCopper and silver have been used for centuries to sanitize water. Copper is a well know algaecide and silver is a powerful bactericide. In the ancient Greek civilization, the royalty used to drink from silver goblets and their water was stored in silver urns in order to purify their drinking water. As the pioneer settlers moved west across the American continent, they insured safe drinking water by putting silver coins in their barrels of water and milk.

In the 1960’s, NASA developed an electrolytic silver ionizer to purify the astronauts drinking water for use on the Apollo missions. Today silver is used in medications for treatment of burn patients to prevent infections, for newborns to prevent blindness, to make bacteria free cosmetics, in drinking water filters, and for filling cavities in teeth to help prevent further decay. Copper based algicides have long been used in swimming pools, fountains, lakes and ponds to safely control algae problems.

The process of an atom gaining or losing electrons is called ionization. The Carefree Clearwater system generates copper and silver ions in minute quantities for water purification.

Yes! Copper is a needed micronutrient in our diets. In fact, in order to meet the recommended minimum daily requirements, you would have to drink a gallon of your ionized pool water per day. (But there are better ways to get your proper nutrition!) The EPA standard for our drinking water is 1.3 ppm of copper. Less than one-fourth of this amount is all that’s needed to purify your pool!


what is ionization

A safe low DC current like that of several flashlight batteries is passed through a set of copper and silver alloy anodes. As the water passes through the sealed chamber, metallic ions are generated to purify the water. The microscopic action of the ions with the algae and bacteria are twofold. First, the algae and bacteria are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes. Second, all these charged particles floc together and then they are more effectively pulled out by the filter. The ions maintain a stable sanitizer residual in the water until they are used up by this process.


The Carefree Clearwater system maintains superior water quality using a minimal halogen level. Occasionally though you will need to oxidize the water to help break down excess organic debris from suntan oils, rain and wind etc. Using a non-chlorine oxidizer allows you to swim shortly after application. Water balance is easy to maintain since the ion system is pH neutral. Normal water testing and adjustments are all that’s needed.

Since 1985, Carefree Clearwater has set the standard as the leading manufacturer of ionization technology. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent quality and customer service. One of the main design differences is the Carefree Clearwater system reads the changing conditions of the anode and water chemistry and adjusts the power output appropriately. This means assurance of accurate metering of the ion flow. Also our exclusive metallurgy and anode design provides self cleaning, ease of maintenance and better water quality.

It actually saves you money. It operates on less than a penny a day electricity. And the savings continue as long as you own your pool. When you consider your high level chemical costs (chlorine, bromine or polymeric biguanide, stabilizers, algaecides and clarifiers) and your indirect costs (premature aging of the pool equipment and pool surfaces – a new liner or replastering; bleached swim wear and destruction of plants, your skin, eyes and hair etc.), it pays for itself quickly and from there on it saves you thousands.