Common Pool Problems

TDS – Total Dissolved Solids – may be the most misunderstood factor in the whole field of pool & spa water chemistry. It is misunderstood because no one knows exactly what effect it is going to have on any particular body of water.

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Opening your pool

There are some common problems opening pool you might face, especially when you are doing your final test run. Learn about the top 5 most common pool opening problems homeowners face.

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Phosphates are salts of phosphoric acid. Phosphoric Acid (H3P04) is the acid produced when phosphorus is dissolved in water. Phosphates, which contain phosphorus, are plant nutrients that can also be a pollutant. Phosphates in water contribute to algae blooms in the same way nitrates do. In fact, phosphorus is often the “missing ingredient” limiting the growth of algae.

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Troubleshooting tips:

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