Fun Pool Floats For 2019

It is that time again! Summer is almost here and temperatures are rising quickly in the valley which means weekends will be spent at the pool trying to keep cool. Pool floats are a great investment for summer as they can really add that extra touch to your pool party! We thought it would be fun to put together a list of fun pool floats for 2019 to help you decide which one is best for you. Listed below is a variety of our favorite pool floats for summer.

The Unicorn

fun pool floats for 2019Amazon sells this fun unicorn float in 2 sizes. One is large and can fit 2 people and is sold for $39.96, while the other version of this float is shaped like a ring and is meant for 1 person and is sold for $19.96. This float is fun and can be found in different colors and sizes. The bigger float is great for those who want to lounge in the pool and tan, while the smaller ring-style float is great for people who want to float but keep cool by being directly in the water. We love this unicorn float which is why it made our list of fun pool floats for 2019!



fun pool floats for 2019The Cactus float is the perfect pool accessory for anyone living in the Phoenix Valley. Not only is it a great size, it holds a similar shape to normal rectangle pool floats which means you can easily use it to lounge and float around the pool while you tan. Amazon sells this float for $24.99. You can also purchase a giant avocado float, a giant margarita float, and a giant taco float from the same seller on Amazon. Now that sounds like a pool party we want to attend!




fun pool floats for 2019A donut pool float? Count us in! We love this pool float with 2 imitation bites on one side, bright pink “icing” and sprinkles. Priced at just $11.95 this is the perfect smaller pool float that will add a fun look to your pool and backyard as a whole. We know that pool floats tend to only last one season which is why this affordable float is so perfect. It is roughly 4ft in size and perfect for must adults and children. Turn heads when you have this fun donut floating in your pool!




Fun pool floats for 2019This watermelon pool float is perfect if you plan on hosting summer BBQ’s. Watermelon is a staple for a summer BBQ, so why not have one floating in your pool too? This pool float makes our list of fun pool floats for 2019 because of its large, circular size. It’s diameter is over 5ft and is the perfect float to lounge around the pool on. You could easily fit more than one person on this float which is an added bonus to its already cool look. Amazon sells this float for $32.79. This same seller also offers a whole pizza pool float for a similar price and we are all about it!



Fun pool floats for 2019A bight pink flamingo pool float is always a great idea. We found a ton of options on Amazon for this float and ones that look similar. For only $15.98 you can get this fun pool accessory. It is 56″ x 54″ x 38″ and the perfect size for someone who likes to sit up as they float around the pool. If you have kids, we think this is the perfect pool float as it has handles for them to easily hold on to as you pull them around. Because it is a lighter color, it will not attract as much heat as other pool floats which is always an added bonus when you live in Phoenix.



Fun pool floats for 2019

Who doesn’t love pineapple during the summertime? Now you can have one floating in your pool! While a little bit smaller, this float is still a perfect size for lounging in the pool. A lot of people in the valley have smaller pools (spools or cocktail pools) which means smaller pool floats are necessary. If that is the case for you, this pineapple pool float is the perfect buy! This float is only $19.21 which is extremely affordable for a fun pool float like this. This is the perfect float for adults or children and ads a fun vibe to your backyard!



Fun pool floats for 2019

Last but not least we cannot forget about the mini donut floats that hold your drinks! We think these are an absolute must for summertime. Amazon sells a pack of three in these same colors for only $9.99. Solo cups fit perfectly in the center of them which make them the perfect accessory for your summer pool parties and BBQs. With 226 reviews and a 4/5 star rating, we knew we had to add these to our fun pool floats for 2019.


Ready to Buy Your Fun Pool Floats For 2019?

With any of the above pool floats floating around your pool this summer, you’re bound to be the talk of the neighborhood as hosting the best pool parties. The option for pool floats are endless, just make sure you do your research and invest in floats that have great reviews from other customers. Happy Spring….Summer, we are ready for you!



published on Friday, April 26th, 2019