How to Cool Your Pool in the Summer

How to Cool Your Pool in the Summer
How to Cool Your Pool in the Summer? This is a typical question that many Arizona homeowners ask.

Even though summer temperatures in Arizona can reach a high of 118 degrees, this doesn’t mean your swimming pool should be just as hot.

Seriously, who wants to take a splash in a warm swimming pool on a hot summer day? Nobody. And neither should you.

The best way to resolve this problem is to know how to cool your pool in the summer.


There are a few methods you can apply to cool your pool off. Let’s explore some ways in how to cool your pool in the summer. You will realize that cooling off your pool is easier than you thought:

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Methods to Cool Your Pool

First off,  pool heaters, outside temperatures, landscapes and pool covers are some of the factors that can make your pool water hotter than it should be.

However, with the use of a pool cooler, aerator, chiller, and filter; you can lower your swimming pool’s temperature by several degrees. These are the quickest and most cost-effective ways to beat the heat this summer.

Pool Cooler

A pool cooler is a great way to extract uncomfortably warm water from your pool. The name may sound like a cliché, but it does exactly what it says. The best part is that it’s affordable and easy to install.

With that:

A pool cooler is a system that circulates warm water through its water circulation system and into a cooler system that removes the heat from the water. The end result will be a much cooler and refreshing swimming pool. By using a pool cooler you will decrease your pool’s temperature by 10 degrees.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Pool Aerator

You’ve probably seen a pool aerator before. You more than likely thought it was a cool pool feature for kids because they tend to shoot a steady stream of water in the air. But in actuality, a pool aerator serves a bigger purpose.

Similar to a water fountain, a pool aerator will create an airborne water flow that gets cooled by the air temperature.


This doesn’t mean you will have colder pool water, instead, a cooler water flows back into the pool. Surprisingly, this method will help decrease your swimming pool’s temperature by four degrees.

It goes without saying that moving water is cooler than still water.

Pool Chiller

A pool chiller or reverse-cycle heat pump, which is an air-source heater, is also a great way to cool your swimming pool. Essentially, this type of heat pump has the capability to reverse its refrigerant cycle on demand. This method will help create a flow of cold water into the pool, even in the summer season.


Pool chillers have a higher initial and operating cost, compared to a pool cooler. However, it’s one of the most effective ways to cool down your swimming pool.

Pool Filter

Even though a pool filter will not significantly cut the pool temperature, by simply running your pool filter at night can help reduce the pool water temperature. Your pool water will definitely feel a bit cooler and much more refreshing. This is probably the most cost effective way to cool your pool.


Final Thought

As you can see, there are many ways in how to cool your pool in the summer. You can implement all described methods or just use the method that best fits your budget. So beat the heat and stay cool in your swimming pool!

If you have any question or concerns in how to cool your pool in the summer, please contact Bright and Clear Pool Care today at 623.566.9150. Our team members are more are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Remember to enjoy your summer and stay bright and clear!

published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018