Peoria AZ Pool Care

Great pool service maintenance, pricing, and the friendliest customer service. What more does your pool need?

Peoria AZ Pool Care

We are a family owned Peoria, AZ Pool Care business, which means we determine the pricing! We want to give you the best experiences, that means affordable service and outstanding workmanship. Since starting in 1985 we have shown the Valley how easy it is to have a clean, backyard oasis at a reasonable price.

Bright and Clear Pools services more than your weekly maintenance. We have service options for

> Green Pools

> Tile Cleaning

> Filter Cleaning

> Acid Washing

> Storm Cleanups

> Rental and Property Maintenance

> Cleanup for Realtors and Property Showings

Bright and Clear Pools Pool Service Descriptions and Pricing

CHEM ONLY SERVICE – $12.25/week ($49 every 4 weeks)

CHEM PLUS SERVICE – $16/WEEK ($64 every 4 weeks)


BASIC SERVICE – $84/month: Our most popular service

FULL SERVICE –$99/MONTH Spool: $84, Playpool $99, Diving pool: $115

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We are your one stop for Peoria AZ Pool Care

Why chose Bright & Clear Pools?

As a family owned business, we want to make sure your investment is the best experience for you. We use a comprehensive selection process that includes thorough background checks on our team. We only offer the best service people and respecting your property is a top priority! We offer 2 months free service for new customers and we would love to work with you and create peace of mind with affordable pricing, friendly service and our additional home protection plans.