Storm Cleanup

Storm Cleanup for Existing Customers

Storm Cleanup

For our customer pools with Chemical Only, Chemical Plus, or Basic service -which do not include netting the surface and the floor of the pool for debris and leaves- we offer a Storm Cleanup one-time service on an as-needed basis.

Pools turn green quickly in the summer heat when the pump becomes clogged with debris and is unable to circulate the water in your pool. Your pool tech will net the surface and bottom of the pool only when necessary. This is an inexpensive measure that can help prevent your pump and filter system from getting clogged with leaves and debris after a storm.

We charge $5 for every additional 15 minutes that the tech spends cleaning your pool.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this storm cleanup option, as it can prevent expensive repairs to your system. If you are planning a vacation and have a reduced service, feel free to call the office to have your tech include a Storm Cleanup if needed.

One-Time Storm Cleanup for New Customers

For customers who do not receive weekly pool service, we also offer a one-time Storm Cleanup service. The price of this service is determined by the size and condition of your pool. Please call the office with at least three days’ notice.