Frances and Peter R.

MacKenzie owner of Bright and Clear Pool Service has done a fine job maintaining and servicing our pool at the Boulders for the past two or three years now. We are most confident that all will be kept clean and repaired if necessary while we are away in the summer usually up to 4 months.. Being able to reach the company and hearing back from Denise is always done immediately. Very important to us, when there is something we do not understand about the automatic sweeper and pool cleaner etc. They are extremely reliable… When we are in Az. I see Mackenzie each week at the same time, cleaning, shocking, if necessary, and repairing or servicing anything that needs to have attention. The pool sparkles and we are very happy with all that Denise and MacKenzie do for us. We recommend the Bright and Clear Pool service whole heartedly.


published on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018