Ionization Benefits

Ionization BenefitsIonization…is a lot less expensive than chemical sanitizers.  It eliminates exposure to high levels of toxic chemicals.

Money savings…Saves hundreds in future chemical costs. Also saves money by eliminating bleaching and other damage to hair, pool equipment and nearby plants and flowers.

Time savings…No more daily testing, dosing and handling chemicals.  Automatically keeps your water algae and bacteria free.  Unlike other chemical sanitizers, mineral ions are unaffected by heat and sunlight, providing constant protection and safe water.

Simple maintenance…Ions are PH neutral and will not affect water balance.  Periodic water testing, occasional oxidizing, along with a low level halogen are all that’s needed.

Eliminate irritationNo more burning eyes, dry skin, bleached and damaged hair, offensive chemical odors, & allergic reactions.  Enjoy swimming in refreshing mineral water.

Healthy…for you and your family.  The minute levels of copper and silver even satisfies EPA drinking water standards.  Copper is a daily dietary requirement and silver has long been used as a purifier.

Safe…First developed by NASA to purify drinking water.  The solid state electronic controls produce very low current – like several flashlight batteries, enclosed in a weather tight case.  The equipment meets UL standards.

Simple…Automatic.  Anyone can operate or install it.  Easily added to existing equipment.

Uses include numerous commercial & non–commercial applications…such as swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, & decorative fountains.  For plaster, vinyl, fiberglass & all other surfaces.

Lifetime warrantyRugged & durable design protects electronics from moisture, corrosion & harsh environments.  Reliable solid state circuitry.  No moving parts.