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Filter Cleaning

All filters must be periodically disassembled and given a thorough cleaning. This is essential to maintain water clarity and avoid bacterial and algae growth within the filter. Colonies of bacteria and algae can rapidly grow, faster and contaminate pool water. Click to See Photos

Cartridges, grids and manifolds in the filters can burst from pressure buildup and lead to costly replacement. Click To See Photos

Sand can calcify due to mineral build up; this is called ‘channeling’. Sand should be loose, allowing for water to evenly filter through it. When sand calcifies, water creates a channel through the hardened sand and no filtration occurs . Click To See Photos

Service includes:

  • Complete disassembly
  • Thorough cleaning of the D.E. grids (for D.E. Filters)
  • Thorough cleaning of Cartridges (for Cartridge Filters)
  • Cleaning D.E. filters with Diatomaceous Earth. This should be done once a year.
  • Replace old sand with new (for Sand Filters): This should be done every 3-5 years.
  • Inspecting and lubricating tank O-Ring before reassembly.

– STARTING AT $79.00

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