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There is only one proven and affordable chlorine alternative for your pool: copper/silver ionization.

An ionized pool is one of the greatest pleasures you will experience. Once you realize the beauty of swimming in an ionized pool, you will only have to swim in a chlorine pool one more time to know how bad chlorine is and how lucky you are to have an ionized pool.

Ionization was developed in the sixties by NASA for the Apollo space program to disinfect the astronautsā€™ drinking water. It is the least expensive of all disinfecting methods that produces healthy pool water. Ionization is also the easiest of all disinfecting methods to maintain and monitor. Ionized water is also PH neutral and non-corrosive, so your pool surfaces, plumbing and equipment last longer.

There are a number of ionizer manufacturers. We are proud to carry Carefree Clearwater. They have an impressive track record of installations worldwide and stand behind their product with the best warranty in the industry.

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