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If you are looking for the most trusted, certified, and well-known pool cleaning Surprise has to offer, Bright and Clear Pool Care is who you need to call. With over 3 decades of pool cleaning and maintenance under our belts, we are the industry experts to get your pool looking like new in just one visit and keep it that way! We offer a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance services and what sets us apart from other pool care companies is that we are AFFORDABLE and FAMILY-OWNED, which means we have the freedom to cater all of our services to each individual client.

Pool Cleaning Surprise

Bright and Clear Pool Care has been the Valley’s most trusted pool cleaning company for over 3 decades. Our expertise and knowledge of this industry are unmatched. The technicians we hire are certified and trained to the highest of standards to ensure quality service to all of our clients. Our customer service speaks for itself and our 5-star ratings are proof that our clients are continuously pleased with the pool cleaning services we provide. Because we have been in the pool industry for over 3 decades, we have worked on nearly every style pool with every type of equipment and pool system out there. If you think you have a pool leak or any of your equipment is broken, call Bright and Clear today. Someone from our team will come out to assess the damage (for free) and offer various repair proposals for you to choose from. If you are looking for affordable weekly pool cleaning Surprise, check out our pricing packages below!


BASIC SERVICE (Most Popular)

$109 / Month Playpool: $109, Diving Pool: starting at $109


Spool $109, Playpool $124, Diving pool $149 and up

Includes all of the above plus:



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Tile Cleaning

Pool tiles can make or break the look of your pool. When we come to your home to clean your pool, we make sure to scrub your pool tiles to remove any algae or calcium build up. We want to protect your pool tiles and keep them looking like new for as long as possible. Proper water-chemical balance will help with the overall look of your pool tiles.

Storm Cleanup

Monsoon season is almost here which means you may find yourself in need of our one-time storm clean-up services. We offer storm clean-up on a case-by-case- basis to all of our clients. We make sure to remove any debris from your pool, balance chemicals, net your pool if needed, and ensure that your pool is swim ready for you and your family.

Green Pools

Pools can turn green overnight when your water-chemical levels are not balanced which is also hazardous to your health. If you notice your pool has turned green, call our team of experts to come out as soon as possible. We can often turn a green pool back to sparkling blue in a matter of one visit.

Customer Service

3 decades of business speaks for itself, our customer service is unmatched. We make sure to put the customer’s needs first and keep the lines of communication open. We make sure that our pool cleaning technicians treat all of our customers with the highest quality of respect and kindness. We want you to feel like family when you choose to work with us!

Acid Wash & Chlorine Wash

Damaged or aged pools may need an acid or chlorine wash to get it back to like-new conditions. If you think your pool could use either wash, call us today. Someone from our team will come out and assess the damage to your pool and decide which wash is best fit for your needs. While both great, the acid wash is harsh and should only be performed 2-3 times in a pool’s lifespan.

Weekly Pool Service

We offer affordable weekly pool services starting at just $17.25 a week. Depending on the size of your pool and your personal pool care needs, the weekly prices will increase. When we come to your home for our weekly visit, we make sure your pool is in the best condition possible. Let us do the hard work for you, we are the pool cleaning experts in Surprise.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Unlike other pool cleaning companies in Surprise, we also offer pool repairs. Why hire multiple companies when we can take care of it all? We work on almost all pool types and can repair nearly any component associated with how your pool system functions. Call us today to come out and assess any pool damage you may have. Our team can make repairs as needed!

Full Service

When we say full service, we mean it. We strive to provide all of the pool services our clients may need so that they can always turn to us for answers. Whether it is a weekly pool cleaning service or repairs, we are the company to call to care for your pool system. We promise you will not be disappointed by our pool cleaning services in Surprise.

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