Jackie H.

I would never use any other pool company! Bright and Clear Pool Care has taken our old, green non-functional pool and has turned it into my favorite part of the house. There is nothing that this company cannot do WELL! The team has revamped old equipment, saved our filter from leaves after our neighbor’s two large trees emptied into our pool, and destroyed the bacteria causing our water to turn green. All of this was done promptly, making us feel like we were their one and only customer. Denise and the office crew has handled our account and any questions I have had personally and attentively. She is responsive to any problem our pool throws her way. Our friends and family now want to entertain in our backyard, because, as they say, “we have a great pool!” People warned us that pools were hard to maintain; however, we laughed and say that it’s no sweat- if you have Bright and Clear Pool Care doing the work! This a great company!!!! One last word: my dad is a certified pool operator for some of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas. I used to call him for his opinion and found that he always offered the same suggestions as Denise and MacKenzie. I quickly stopped asking for his opinion. I trust Bright and Clear Pools, and even my dad, who is a tough customer, agrees that our pool operates and looks amazing!


published on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018