My story encompassess a profoundIy emotional aspect – after living in AZ for approx. 4 yrs, I solely purchased a beautiful Spanish colonial for my family & I to live for many years to come, or so I thought. My conservative, southern upbringing resulting in very traditional taste, clearly evidenced by the decorum of my home would not permit me to buy a home without a pool; for me, a pool is the elegant touch of any fine home.To my demise, my husband informed me in the spring of 2010 that, due to a job promotion, our family had no choice but to relocate to FL. My pool was among my utmost concerns; my 0 knowledge re its care became so very apparent & of concern.Then, I met “Jon,” a most respectful young man who was in my neighborhood in a truck, portraying the logo, “Bright & Clear Pool Service.” I approached Jon who was most supportive as he listened to my concerns, educated me,& has since provided me, 3000 miles away, with a peace of mind. I only wish he had a clone for my 2nd home in FL!

published on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018