Tips for Winter Pool Maintenance in Peoria

Tips for Winter Pool Maintenance in PeoriaAlthough we don’t have harsh winters here in Peoria, the weather does change and our pools tend to go unused for weeks or months at a time which may cause us to pay less attention to chemical balancing and general cleaning. As the weather starts to cool down, thinking about winter pool maintenance is important so that your pool is cared for properly during the times when it is used less and the temperatures start to drop. Listed below are a few tips for winter pool maintenance in Peoria that you should consider if you maintain your pool and forgo using a professional pool cleaning company.

Changing Seasons

As the seasons change, trees begin to drop their leaves and winds tend to pick up, dropping various organics, materials, dust, and dirt into your pool water. If these items are not removed promptly and the pH of the water is not balanced it will become very alkaline. Between the pool not being skimmed and cleaned properly, and the pH levels not balanced, you are putting your pool at risk of permanent staining along the pool surface.

Chemical Balance

If you plan on taking any vacations over the fall and winter months, and you have chosen not to hire a professional pool company to monitor chemical levels, be aware that algae and unhealthy bacteria can propagate rapidly if the chlorine level is not monitored. Although it is rare to “close down” your pool for winter here in Phoenix, you will ultimately use it less than you did during the summer months. Because you are using it less, you may forget to check the chemicals as often as you did during the summer. Improper chemical balance can cause your pool to turn green much quicker. Proper chemical balance is crucial for your pool because it helps protect your heater, pool pump, and the finish of your pool. It is important to treat your pool with care even during the months that you aren’t using it.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The winter rainy season brings its own unique issues and challenges for homeowners with pools. Every time it rains, the pool water’s pH is adversely affected while also allowing phosphates and more organics to enter the pool and go unchecked. After each rain (which also pertains to monsoon season) pools should be thoroughly skimmed, scrubbed, and chemicals should be balanced. If the pool water is allowed to get too high and not sufficiently drained to the correct level it can get behind the pool coping and cause damage to decking. A pool that is filled too high has the potential to cause major damage that is not only time consuming to fix but can also be costly as well.

Don’t Let Your Pool Go Uncared For

By the time early spring arrives, water temperatures begin to rise and many pools quickly turn green because they have been ignored, pH is out of whack, chlorine is non existent, and phosphates and other organics create a huge food source for algae to thrive on. These are all the perfect recipe for a green pool. Although it seems a bit too early to start thinking about spring pool maintenance, you should know that caring for a pool is year-round and it is important to think ahead so that your pool never has the opportunity to turn green. A green pool is dangerous to your health and depending on how severe, can take days of consistent care and maintenance to get it back to the original sparkling blue color we all know and love.

Tips for Winter Pool Maintenance in Peoria

The main things to remember when getting ready for the winter months with your pool here in Peoria is to acknowledge that even though we don’t have snow or extreme cold weather conditions, the temperatures do drop and debris will make its way into your pool. These small things need to be watched for so that you can properly clean your pool when needed and balance the chemicals accordingly to avoid a green pool, permanently stained finish, and algae growing in your pool. If you consider the above tips for winter pool maintenance in Peoria, your pool will stay in great condition through the months when it is less used and by the time spring rolls around and temperatures begin to rise again, your pool will be swim ready!

If you are looking for a professional pool cleaning company in Peoria during the winter months, call Bright and Clear today for a free consultation!

published on Friday, August 24th, 2018