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Summer is right around the corner which means warm temperatures are upon us. Warmer weather means chemicals may need to be adjusted otherwise you run the risk of your pool turning green..FAST. If you are looking for Vistancia pool services, Bright and Clear Pool Care is the company for you. We have been serving the entire West Valley for over 34 years. We are a family owned business who put our customers first. Our knowledge of pool care and maintenance is unmatched. Because we have over 3 decades of experience, we have seen every pool problem in the books and we are able to repair almost all of them now. When we visit your home, our technicians check your pool equipment to ensure that everything is working properly along with our usual weekly services.

Weekly Pool Maintenance and Service Packages

As the premier Vistancia pool service, we want to ensure all of our clients that we offer nothing but the best. We know how important customer service is and trusting in the people who are coming to your home and working on your pool is important. We treat you and your property the way we would want ours to be treated. Our longstanding business and customer satisfaction speak for themselves. Listed below are additional services we provide, along with our weekly service packages. We are family owned which means we make our prices and adjust them accordingly. We have created affordable pool care services for all of Vistancia.



$17.25 / Week ($69 every 4 weeks / $86.25 every 5 weeks)

BASIC SERVICE (Most Popular)

$89 / Month Playpool: $89, Diving Pool: starting at $99

Includes all of the above plus:


Spool $89, Playpool $104, Diving pool $120 and up

Includes all of the above plus:


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Tile Cleaning

We use a cleaning process that removes calcium and algae build up from your tile to restore its natural beauty. We don’t use caustic chemicals or abrasive pumice which can leave scratches in your tile. Instead, we use the best tile cleaning method for the best, lasting results.

Storm Cleanup

With monsoon season right around the corner, we want to let our customers know about our storm clean up offerings. When monsoon season hits, the rain and wind storms can wreak havoc on your pool and without balanced chemicals, your pool can turn green…quick! Our case-by-case storm clean-up can help avoid this.

Green Pools

Green pools are hazardous to your health and can cause major damage to the siding of your pool. We have been known to get green pools back to sparkling blue in just one visit. Balanced chemicals are crucial for pools and when our technicians visit your home, they will ensure that chemicals are balanced so that another green pool won’t occur.

Customer Service

We have successfully been in business for 3 decades, which means our customer service speaks for itself. We treat our customers in Vistancia with care and understanding. Our technicians and other staff members are always helpful and available 365 days a year in case of pool emergencies. We take care of our clients!

Acid Wash & Chlorine Wash

Sometimes pools have been left unattended for too long which means they may be in need of an acid or chlorine wash. Each of these washes will help bring the pool back to life. They will rid the pool of bacteria and clean the siding of the pool enough to make it look like-new again. We offer both and can help decipher which option is best for your pool.

Weekly Pool Service

The great thing about our pool services is that they eliminate all of the work for the pool owner. We have weekly services to ensure that our technicians do all of the heavy lifting. We want our clients to be able to enjoy their pool, not worry about keeping the pool clean and the chemicals balanced. Our services range and are fit for all budgets.

Swimming Pool Repairs

We are full-service which means we also offer pool repairs, unlike a lot of other Vistancia pool services. When we perform our weekly services, we also check your pool equipment to ensure that everything is working properly. If we see something that doesn’t look right, we will advise you on the repairs needed and offer to fix them.

Full Service

Bright and Clear is the company to call for Vistancia pool services because we offer repairs and maintenance, truly a full-service company. Call today for a free consultation and ONE MONTH FREE SERVICE. (623) 566-9150

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