3 Ways to Prepare the Pool Before Selling your Home

3 Ways to Prepare the Pool Before Selling your HomeA swimming pool is one of the greatest assets for selling a home. It’s important to have the pool in excellent shape so you can attract potential buyers, this means clean, clear and debris free. You want them imagining themselves lounging around this beautiful pool in their new home. Here are the top three tasks you need to add to your checklist to make your pool area welcoming to realtors and potential buyers.

Pool Service Homeowners Choose Most

Most homeowners often overlook the exterior of the home including the backyard and pool area. Hire a pool cleaning service and request that they clean the water and drains thoroughly, and scrub stains on pool tile or decking. Also, ask if they recommend additional upkeep as you continue to show your home, or if they can help maintain the cleanliness during the sale.

Improving Backyard Landscaping

Landscaping adds an average of 14.8% to the value of a home. These homes sell as much as five to six weeks faster than homes without landscaping”, says SwimmingPool.com.

Simple additions to the pool area landscaping can have a dramatic effect on the backyard oasis you are creating for potential buyers. Simple additions like adding potted plants, a unique garden statue, or even landscape lighting can add extra value in the buyer’s eye. Just as realtors stage the interior of a home, staging the pool area sells the lifestyle and brings just a touch of decor and design to an otherwise empty area.

Pool Equipment and Supply Storage

Leaving pool chemicals out in the open is not only a hazard for small children that may be with parents viewing the property, but it’s also an eyesore. If you have an elevated deck, consider using the area below for storage. Storage benches can be both attractive and functional.  You can buy fabricated benches or have them custom built to complement your deck, patio or pool area.

To hide bulky pool equipment, consider boulders. If your backyard features a large, flat lawn, add some dimension by positioning boulders throughout the space. These boulders are hollow on the inside and fit right over the top of your equipment. No one will be the wiser that your pool equipment is hidden beneath.

Share your helpful tips and solutions for making your swimming pool ready for realtors and potential buyers!

published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018