Monsoon Season in Arizona: Cleaning Swimming Pool After Dust Storm

Monsoon Season in Arizona: Cleaning Swimming Pool After Dust StormMonsoons are one of the realities of living in Arizona, which is why homeowners that have a pool must create a swimming pool maintenance list to be used after a monsoon. Even if you outsource your weekly pool cleaning services, you must learn how to perform the following tasks immediately after a monsoon:

Pool Care After a Haboob

After a monsoon there is likely to be some debris that has found its way into your pool, start by skimming any floating debris, and brushing or vacuuming the bottom of the pool. Also check the filters and grids for any blockage. For best results, you should manually disassemble your filters, and backwash your filters once complete. During this process keep an eye out to see if your filters or grids have been damaged by the monsoon, and are therefore in need of replacement. During monsoon season, it is also a good idea to set your filter timer to run a longer filter time than usual during peak monsoon hours—which are the afternoon and evenings.


Check The Skimmer Basket And Pump

Next you will be required to move on to the more detailed monsoon pool maintenance. While much of the debris left after a monsoon will be visible, you must also check your skimmer basket and pump basket. If either of these baskets become clogged with leaves or debris, it can lead to Pool Cleaning - Pool Careoverheating or burnout—which is a costly pump repair.


Test The Chlorine Levels

Both the rain and the debris may throw the pH balance of your pool out of whack. A quick manual test will help you to determine if the chlorine level need to be adjusted. Even if the monsoon leaves little debris, be sure to check the pH of your pool—or algae growth may be soon to follow.


Shock And Clean

If you have a built-in pool cleaning system, the day after a monsoon is the perfect time to run your automatic system overnight. Just remember that you must perform all of the swimming pool maintenance mentioned above before doing so. If you want to ensure that your pool is well sanitized after a monsoon, add a shock booster to your pool. Be sure to test the pH again before going for your next swim.

The tips above will help make sure that you are on top of your monsoon pool maintenance, so that your pool is always ready for summer fun!


published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018