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Efficient Pool Repair and Maintenance in Peoria AZ and Glendale AZ

The sun is shining—is your swimming pool calling your name? Although a backyard swimming pool helps every Arizona resident beat the heat, it’s important to keep them clean and sanitary. At Bright and Clear Pool Care, our helpful team is eager to give your pool a little TLC and make sure it is fit to swim in.

We service, repair and sell all makes of pumps, motors, filters, automatic cleaning systems, time clocks, remote controls, heaters, copper-silver ionization & salt water systems, etc.

We can upgrade your energy consuming pump to an energy saving variable speed pump that will lower your electric bills. Many customers report savings of $50/month. We can also upgrade your existing pool equipment by adding state of the art electronic remote controls that allow you to turn features on and off from inside your home or from your smart phone. Contact us for a free estimate.

Your pool equipment needs regular maintenance and occasional repair and replacement when parts wear out, just like your car. Your pool equipment is operating 7 days per week, on average 6 – 8 hours/day, 365 days/year. Rubber O-rings will eventually dry out, stretch and crack. Pump shaft seals and O-rings are wearable items and can fail from overheating. Filter grids and cartridges get plugged with dirt and calcium and eventually deteriorate. The average life expectancy for both is only 3 – 4 years.

Pump impellers, diffusers and filter tanks are all made of plastic which eventually wear out from constant levels of high water pressure and exposure to punishing pool chemicals. The extremely high temperature levels and UV exposure from the Arizona sun take their toll on all glue joints, PVC and plastic over time.

Our professional pool technicians can service your pool quickly and affordably. Our office will provide you with a quote and give you a detailed explanation of what is involved and what you can expect before any job begins. We pride ourselves on great communication and customer service before, during and after any job has been completed.

Our Commitment

You can trust that our professional pool maintenance team will keep your pool free from harmful bacteria and keep your water chemistry balanced, protecting you and your pool. We pride ourselves on being proactive and alerting you at the first signs of any equipment or plumbing issues. Our goal is to solve small problems quickly before they become big, expensive ones.

Our professional repair team will ensure that your equipment is running optimally, providing the best cleaning and filtration to keep your pool bright and clear. When you do need a repair, our response will be fast and affordable!

Our Services

As pool repair experts, we offer troubleshooting, inspections, repairs, and/or installation for the following:

And in order to ensure your pool is kept clean, we are equipped to offer

Our team wants to help upgrade the clarity, performance, and look of your pool; if you’d like to improve the look, consider our professional deck restoration and painting.

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We want you to enjoy your pool—let us make it a safer place to swim. If you need pool repair in Surprise, AZ or Phoenix, AZ, call 623-566-9150 today. Ready, set, swim!