4 Signs You Should Invest In Pool Care

invest in pool careNeglecting Pool Care Could Cost You- Find Out How

Owning a home with a swimming pool is exciting, but it is also a great responsibility. Pools require ongoing maintenance and repairs, so you must know what signs to look out for. Even if you know how to perform some of your pool maintenance yourself, some things should be left in the capable hands of a Peoria pool cleaning service. Below are 4 signs that you should invest in pool care.


If Your Pool Pump Is Louder Than Usual, It May Be Malfunctioning

Two of the most common reasons that your pool pump sounds louder than usual, is that it is clogged or broken. Not only that, but with regular pool maintenance, the likelihood of future clogged and repairs are greatly reduced. To ensure that your pool stays clean and crystal clear, schedule a visit with Bright and Clear Pool Care.

If Your Pool Is Gurgling, Or If You Have Cracks In Your Pool Deck, Your Pool May Be Leaking

A leaky pool can lead to expensive damages and repairs, not just for your pool—but throughout your property. Some of the most common signs of a leaking pool include cracks in the pool deck, unusual gurgling, increased algae growth, uneven grass growth, and standing water. A small leak can quickly grow into a larger leak, so be sure to call for a repair.

If Your Pool Is Dirtier Than Usual, You May Need A Filter Repair

If your pool looks a bit murkier than usual, the pressure is lower than usual, or you see sand sediment at the bottom of your pool—it is a sign that your filter is in need of an inspection. Sometimes, the fix is as easy as cleaning or replacing the filter, but other times, the pump may need some work done.

If Your Pool Is At Your Vacation Home, Regular Pool Care Is A Must

The last thing you want is to show up after many months away to find a pool that is dirty, damaged, or unfit for swimming. Whether you frequent your vacation home several times each month, or only a handful of times each year—you always want your pool to be ready to go. Scheduling ongoing pool maintenance when you are in your full-time home will not only ensure your pool is always kept clean and well maintained, but will ensure that areas of opportunity are spotted sooner rather than later.

As a proactive approach to the concerns above, many homeowners schedule weekly or monthly cleaning by Bright and Clear Pool Care. If you aren’t sure what type of ongoing maintenance you require, simply give us a call to discuss your pool use.


published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018