Opening Your Swimming Pool

Hooray! Swim season is around the corner and you are ready to start enjoying your swimming pool. But is your swimming pool ready to be the centerpiece of your backyard? Is your swimming pool swim ready?

If not, don’t be ashamed. Many pool owners haven’t found the time. Opening your swimming pool may not be difficult, especially if your swimming pool was properly closed, but it can be time consuming and potentially costly.

That is why your Northwest valley pool professionals are here to serve you! Serving Peoria, Glendale, North Phoenix, Sun City and Surprise, Bright and Clear Pool Care is sure to get your swimming pool up and running in no time!

However, if you’re ready to tackle opening your swimming pool by yourself, Bright and Clear Pool Care has created a checklist to get your pool splash ready!

It’s easier than you may think!


The Pool Opening Checklist

1. Clean and drain your pool cover

There are a variety of ways to clean and drain your pool cover like using an electric pump, using a bucket, or siphoning with a hose. These tools can either be frustrating or costly. Good news! There is one more way. The process is called Slide N Pump. This an affordable tools that will provide a hybrid version of an electric pump and siphoning. Once you start using this tool, you will be ready to remove your pool cover with no clogging and wasted energy.

2. Remove and store your pool cover

Not that you’re ready to remove and store your pool cover, you must first remove any cover springs. Then, screw down all anchors. The best way is to use an installation rod. This should have been provided with your pool cover. Utilizing the installation rod will be the most time efficient way to remove your cover. At this point, take the time to thoroughly clean you cover from any leftover debris.

Let your cover dry to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Now, fold the pool cover in half, as much times as possible. Finally, get a second person to help place the pool cover inside its bag.

3. Reinstall or reconnect your pool equipments

If you’ve winterized or drained your pool, you will need to reconnect all the equipment that were disconnected. So if you disconnected any filter, pump and heater you will need to reconnect these parts. You will also have to reinstall any pool ladder, diving board and step rail that were disconnected.

4. Inspect filter and pump

Inspecting your filter and pump for any damaged or worn parts is integral to your pool. This will help cut cost in the long run.

5. Remove all plugs

If you’ve used winterized plugs, you will will have to remove them, including any equipment that used a drain plug. You should replace all winterized drain plugs with normal drain plugs.

6. Fill pool back to normal

If you’ve drained your swimming pool or your swimming pool has lost water over the winter months, you will have to fill your pool up to the skimmer opening. You can easily do this with a garden hose. Once you’ve filled your swimming pool to normal level, you are ready to turn your equipment on.

7. Clean your swimming pool

After you’ve fill your swimming  pool, there will be some remaining debris and dirt from the winter months. This is best time to clean your swimming pool using a brush and vacuum. It’s recommended to pay close attention to the edges of the swimming pool that may have a pump, filter, ladder and diving board attached to it.

8. Shock your pool

At this time, your swimming pool is ready to be shock! You will want to make sure that you pH and alkalinity are properly balance before adding any pool chemicals. If you are not sure, take a sample of your swimming pool water to a local pool water professional to get analyzed. Once you water is properly balanced, you will need to add the correct amount of chlorine, bromine or any form of sanitizer. Finally, for every 10,000 gallon of water, shock your swimming pool with 2 lbs of shock.

Additionally, you should apply the shock in the evening. This will allow it to work overnight and be down to normal state by the next day. Don’t forget to run your filter for an hour after applying the shock treatment.

9. Test run your swimming pool

Last but not least. Test run your swimming pool pumps and filter for 8 to 24 hours to make sure that your pump and filter are function properly. After that, you can start having some fun!

Common Problems Opening Your Swimming Pool

There are five common problems that you may face when opening your pool. Learn about these common problems opening swimming pool and how to identify them.


As you can see, opening your swimming pool is not that arduous. However, you need to dedicate some time and money to get your pool splash ready, especially if you have replace any equipment. It can also become overwhelming. To alleviate some of the stress and hassle, contact your local pool care professionals. This will insure your pool is properly opened.

Family owned and operated, Bright and Clear Pool Care has the opening service and repair technicians to get the job done correctly. Sit back and relax! Let the Bright and Clear Pool Care take care of opening your swimming pool today!

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published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018