The Dos and Don’ts of Throwing a Pool Party

The Dos and Don'ts of Throwing a Pool PartySummer is here and we are SO excited about it. While it feels like summer 75% of the time here in Phoenix, Arizona, it is finally heating up enough to warm our pools which means it is time to plan your kick-off-to-summer pool party! A pool party is a perfect way to start the summer and we are here to tell you the dos and don’ts of throwing a pool party to ensure everyone has the best time! Whether it is a pool party for adults, kids, or both, we have some tips to help you create the best atmosphere for your guests. You will be the talk of the neighborhood is you follow these dos and don’ts of throwing a pool party.


The Do’s

Do Provide The Floats

When you have guests coming to your home for a pool party, make sure you have floats and pool noodles for people to use for lounging around or floating in the pool. Whether your guests are there to relax or play pool games, floats are a necessity for any pool party. PLUS, pool floats add a great decorative touch to your backyard! If you are having a themed pool party, check out this list of fun pool floats for 2019 that we put together.

Do Provide Towels

There will always be a handful of people who forget to bring a pool towel to a pool party. Make sure you have a few on hand for anyone who made need one. Nothing is worse than getting out of a pool and realizing you don’t have a towel to dry off with. We love the idea of rolling up a handful of towels and placing them in some sort of decorative bucket or bin for people to grab freely as needed.

Do Provide Snacks

You don’t have to provide a full menu if you don’t want to, but snacks should always be provided when you are throwing a pool party. People often don’t realize how much energy they are using when they are playing games in the pool or backyard and not having food to replenish the body can leave everyone feeling exhausted. We love a simple BBQ with burgers and hotdogs with chips, veggies, and dip for people to snack on throughout the party. Every good party host has something for their guests to munch on throughout the festivities!

Do Offer Entertainment

Whether it is pool volleyball or cornhole in the backyard, it is important to offer your guests entertainment to ensure the highest quality of fun. There are so many pool and backyard games perfect for a summer pool party and you can always find these games at an affordable rate on Amazon or at Walmart! Make sure you have a good summer playlist ready and waterproof speakers to keep the music going. We think the perfect pool party always has music and games to entertain the guests.

The Don’ts

Don’t Forget To Call Your Pool Company

Make sure you call your pool maintenance company to come out a few days before your pool party to make sure your pool is swim ready. You never want to bring people to your home and have them swim in a pool with unhealthy water conditions. Your pool maintenance company will make sure your pool is looking brand new for your guests and you can feel confident that the water-chemical levels are properly balanced. Your local pool cleaning company can also make sure that all of your equipment is functioning properly as well so that your party goes off without a hitch.

Don’t Leave Children Unattended

This is one of the most important things to remember when throwing a pool party. Whether it is an all kids party or there are adults present, all of the children need to be looked after. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and it is important to be aware of what is going on in and around your pool.

Don’t Leave Your Guests Dehydrated

When you are in and out of the pool, you don’t realize that you may be sweating, (which you most likely are in this Phoenix heat). It is important to provide plenty of beverages for your guests. Water and Gatorade are great to keep cold during a pool party, and of course, adult beverages are okay too for the 21 y/o and older guests (just make sure no one overdoes it). Just make sure ALL of your guests are staying hydrated throughout the day. The heat and swimming can really take it out of you and we wouldn’t want anyone to get heat exhaustion!

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Make sure to keep plenty of sunscreen on hand. While your guests may apply their sunscreen before getting to your house, it is important to reapply throughout the day. Keep it handy and in a visible place outside so that your guests are reminded to reapply whenever they feel themselves getting a little too red.

Don’t Start Your Pool Party Too Late

The great thing about a pool party is enjoying the SUN so make sure you don’t start your pool party too late in the day to where people can’t enjoy it. We think a pool party starting between 12pm-1pm is perfect. The sun sets later during the summer so a pool party starting around noon will give your guests more than 6 hours of sunlight to enjoy!

The Dos and Don’ts of Throwing a Pool Party

Pool parties are one of the highlights to summer and if you are throwing one, make sure you do it right so that all of your guests have fun! We love bringing people together to enjoy the pool during the HOT summer here in Phoenix. No matter where you live though, there are a few key dos and don’ts when throwing a pool party that you should abide by! If you do, we promise that your guests will be happy, their bellies will be full, bodies hydrated, and memories to last a lifetime!

published on Thursday, October 10th, 2019