Pros and Cons of Buying a House with a Pool

Pros and Cons of Buying a house with a pool Summers in Phoenix are BRUTAL which is why so many people in the valley own homes with pools. If you are starting a new house search and are considering buying a home with a pool, there are a few things you should know and consider before taking the plunge. Pools are almost always a good idea but caring for them in the RIGHT way is crucial. Whether you plan on maintaining the pool on your own or hiring a local pool care company, owning a pool should never be taken lightly as it can add so much value to your home. Listed below are the pros and cons of buying a house with a pool!

Pros of Buying a House with a Pool

Improved Quality of Life (Especially During the Summer)

Owning your own private pool is great for so many reasons. As pool owners, you have access to your pool at any time. Being in the comfort of your own home means you don’t have to worry about getting to the pool early to save yourself a lounge chair, or lugging around all of the necessities that come along with spending the day at the pool, instead you can relax and enjoy your time casually at your own home. Buying a home with a pool means you can entertain guests all summer long with pool parties and backyard BBQs without worrying about keeping people cool in the summer heat. Also, swimming on a regular basis is a great form of exercise and has proven to be great for people’s mental health and quality of life. Overall, buying a home with a pool can add great value to your personal and social life. Be worry free and use your pool as often as you want in the comfort of your own home!

Increased Property Value

If you care for your pool on a regular basis and keep it and the surrounding grounds in good condition, it can increase the overall value of your home. In Phoenix especially, many people are looking for homes with pools as the summers can sometimes be unbearable with the endless months of high temperatures. If you plan on buying a home with a pool, know that you must maintain it properly if you want to add higher property value to your home.

Great Outdoor Aesthetic

There is nothing more inviting than walking into a backyard that has a beautiful pool area. Any type of water feature tends to make your home feel more zen and there are a ton of different ways you can spruce up your pool area without breaking the bank. Having a pool in your backyard is inviting and great way to relax on the weekends after a long work week. Whether you are the type to enjoy lounging around or you are the athletic type that loves to participate in water games, buying a home with a pool can give you the best of both worlds and turn your backyard into a personal oasis!

Cons of Buying a House with a Pool

Increased Utility Bill

If you do not have solar panels on your home, it is likely that your utility bill will increase if you buy a home with a pool. While there are a few money-saving tricks you can apply in order to cut down costs, you will ultimately pay more monthly when owning a pool, as you must run the pool pump and vacuum on a regular basis. You can also expect a slightly increased water bill as well as you will need to fill up your pool on occasion as water naturally evaporates. While owning a pool is an added expense, in terms of entertainment and the use you can get out of it, it may not break the bank as much as other activities would. Trying to stay out of the heat during the summer months can get costly but if you have your own pool, you can eliminate a lot of those expenses and just enjoy what is right in your backyard!

Higher Level Of Responsibility

Buying a home with a pool means more responsibility on many different levels. From weekly maintenance to safety precautions, owning a pool comes with added work. If you have children or plan on having children around your pool, it is crucial to have the necessary safety features set up to ensure no one is harmed. Whether it is installing a safety fence around the pool or putting locks on windows, doors, and gates, homeowners with pools can never be too careful. As the owner of the pool, it is your responsibility to ensure safety to anyone who visits your property. For homeowners with children, it is important to teach your kids how to swim at an early age while introducing them to pool rules and safety along the way. When deciding to buy a home with a pool, this is one of the most important things to consider and be aware of.

Maintenance Can Never Be Left Alone

Pools absolutely have to be maintained on a weekly basis. If you are not up for the challenge of caring for your pool and you cannot bring yourself to pay for affordable pool care services, buying a home with a pool is not a good idea. Owning a pool can be a lot of work, which is why we always recommend hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting for you. From balancing the chemicals to scrubbing the siding and tiles clean, it is important to never neglect your pool as the result of a neglected pool can be detrimental over time and is extremely hazardous to your health if you swim in a pool that is not properly maintained.

Pros and Cons of Buying a House with a Pool

Listed above are just some of the pros and cons of buying a house with a pool. In Phoenix, it almost seems like a rite of passage to own a home with a pool as the summers seem unbearable without one. Owning a pool can be a great adventure and add so much value to your life and home, so long as you are ready for the responsibilities that come along with being a pool owner.

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published on Thursday, October 10th, 2019